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We’re always told to be good to our spouse,
but we are never taught how… 

…until now!

Welcome to


Muslim Marriage

Rejuvenation Retreat

The Setting

Our retreats are set in stunning locations immersed in nature. We take you far away from the
distractions of daily life and into an environment that fosters a beautiful balance between productivity
and romance.

The Method

We integrate Islamic principles with the Gottman Method, which is an evidence-based approach that provides a complete blueprint for rejuvenating your marriage.

The Format

  • Intimate setting with 10-20 couples per retreat
  • 10-15 hours of instruction and real-time exercises between you and your spouse
  • Couples seated together to maximize privacy

Our Story

What do you get when you put two California natives of Egyptian and Indian descent who happen to be an Imam, Social Worker, Chaplain and Community Educator together? Uh... a really crowded room? You get the depth of experience that Shaykh Suhail Mulla and Ustadha Lobna Mulla have shared with multiple communities over the past two decades.

We have seen the pain that many of our friends and community members have endured during divorce.

We have also seen the detrimental effects that divorce has on children, the extended families and on the community-at-large. While we acknowledge that sometimes divorce is a very necessary measure, our intimate, first-hand knowledge of the details of many divorces has made us realize that many of these marriages could have been saved had there been an intervention early on.

As a result, we decided to take a proactive role in not only preventing divorce, but also in making marriages thrive. And, by the way, not all troubled marriages end in divorce. Sometimes marriages wither and fade for years, if not decades. Wouldn't you rather learn the skills that contribute to a healthy marriage instead of feeling stuck in a lifeless marriage?

With 24 years of marriage experience, Shaykh Suhail and Ustadha Lobna are excited to offer you:

The Muslim Marriage
Rejuvenation Retreat!


We have chosen a variety of settings – the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, the tropical allure
of the Caribbean, the pristine beauty of Alaska, the sophistication of Lake Arrowhead Lodge – to provide
you with the best selection of week and weekend-long journeys.

Our romantic rejuvenation retreats include:





Retreat Goals

The goal of our retreats is to deepen the connection between you and your spouse by providing effective methods on how to:





The seven principles for making marriage work


Dr. Gottman has scientifically analyzed the habits of married couples and established a method of correcting the behavior that puts thousands of marriages on the rocks. He helps couples focus on each other, on paying attention to the small day-to-day moments that, strung together, make up the heart and soul of any relationship.


  • Structure, motivation and accountability to work through these exercises.
  • An easy, non-confrontational pathway into working on your relationship.
  • An encouraging environment where you work with your spouse in the context of other couples doing the same thing.
  • Encouragement for both spouses to work on the relationship rather than one spouse alone reading the book. 


This tried and tested program, developed by Dr. John Gottman, is based on over 20 years of research. Thousands of couples reported increased success and happiness in their marriage as a result of this evidence-based approach.

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Los Gatos (Bay Area)

West Valley Muslim Association (In partnership with NISA)

Masjid Edition

What Our Attendees Are Saying...

    MMRR Attendee

    SEQUOIA - 2021

    The teachers: awesome in almost every way! The content: practical and effective. The service: excellent accommodations and food.

      MMRR Attendee

      SEQUOIA - 2021

      [The] location really helped clear the mind and allowed nature to inspire the soul. Awesome balance between group conversation and couples' time. Facilitators: your perfect balance of personalities were a great model to observe.

        MMRR Attendee

        SEQUOIA - 2021

        Very practical. Very real. Framework based on real-life scenarios to move us from A to B. We've done some of these things but didn't know how to complete them. We know we have challenges but not how to address them. This weekend gave structure to our internal times of chaos.

          MMRR Attendee

          SEQUOIA - 2021

          Attending this retreat gave us the skills, motivation, and confidence to lovingly address issues rather than sweeping them under the rug.

            MMRR Attendee

            LAKE ARROWHEAD - 2021

            Jazak Allahu Khairan for this amazing experience. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn how to improve my marriage through these principles, more importantly grounded in Islamic values which has been something we've been looking for. You normalized such important conversations which has helped normalize them for us as a couple. I've already started using these tools which has helped [in] my conversations with my spouse. Allah bless you both and your families.

              MMRR Attendee

              LAKE ARROWHEAD - 2021

              [The exercise Overcoming] Gridlock...was the meat of our issues and gave us exactly what we needed, which was practice working through our own issue. Having the facilitated format gave us structure to be productive with our gridlock.

                MMRR Attendee

                LAKE ARROWHEAD - 2021

                The quality - occasion exercise was powerful. It allowed my spouse to express how he feels [about] and sees me. Such feelings are never shared.


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